Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Nature's Yoga Mat

Ecoga stands for quality and sustainability. We make yoga mats from pure natural rubber and antimicrobial Portuguese cork. No plastic, kindness to the earth all the way.

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  • Body Alignment

  • Comfort & Grip

  • Cary Strap

  • Yoga Bag

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"I love my mat! It’s easy to clean, high quality, no slipping and doesn’t heat up in the sunshine! It’s a perfect blend of comfort, quality and eco-friendliness! I highly recommend it and so glad I found Ecoga!" - Jessica

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Brighton Based Yogis

Our love and deep appreciation for yoga motivated us to create the most complete yoga mat we could imagine. This product reflects what we have always wanted to see in a yoga mat; sustainability, comfort and practicality. Our dream is that this yoga mat motivates you to wake up, stretch and find alignment.